Nicholas Goliath

Nicholas is a well-known stand- up comedian in South Africa, a sought after MC, an entertainer and actor. As a qualified MC, he …

Jason Goliath

Jason Goliath is one of South Africa’s top comedians and in July 2015 and July 2017, Jason was recognised as one of ….

Donovan Goliath

Donovan Goliath is the creative voice of the Loerie Awards 2018 and host on M-Net 101. He was also the host of The Real Goboza ….

Jason, Donovan and Nicholas Goliath have been in partnership and entertaining fans on stages across the country for over six years.

The bond between the three is so strong that they are often mistaken for brothers but in fact it is their love of making audiences laugh that brought them together. Jason and Nicholas are cousins and, by coincidence, Donovan shares the same surname.

Although young in the game, they are a larger-than-life force in the industry doing what they do best; delivering the funny to fans. The trio also separately host prime time television shows on some of the country’s most popular channels, bringing their unique brand of humour into millions of homes each week.

They are also sought-after MC’s and facilitators and with their unique understanding of business, brand and entertainment they add instrumental value to workshops, conferences, award ceremonies and events.